We are a gate services business based in San Diego that supplies the ornamental and wrought iron work. We focus on customized and personalized designing, manufacturing, and installation of iron gates and driveway gates that covers, iron fencing, handrails, railings, doors, stairs, and window bars. Additionally, we also offer professional electrical gate repair service and replacement of damaged, rusted or dented gates, fencings, and also railings.

We typically sell and refurbish gates by major brand names and have practically worked with any type of primarily branded company in the industry.

With our expertise, we are capable of providing a warranty that you will get the right system for your gate that covers the required safety, protection for your pets, family, and vehicles from getting harmed.

Electrical gates

Baladyne Gate Company offers both automatic and manual gates installation that are CAME approved and has an easy-to-follow guidance to operate them. Our gates may have electronic controls for automatic or keypad access, adding for safety feature while keeping the operation smooth.

It has been said that a beautiful electric gates can add up to an additional 7% to the value of your properties. Whether it’s true or false, a premium installation will not only improve the look of your house aesthetically, but also add the additional security aspect that will bring total peace of mind.

Count on our firm to design and set up your gates for home, garden, and office. We also have various prototypes that you can choose and customize it based on your needs.Our charge fee is reasonable for our top quality workmanship and long-lasting products.

Whether you need minimalistic gates or decorative design for driveway or entrance, we have them all. Talk to us today to set up a custom iron gate at your house now.